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A High Quality Rope from Indonesian Coconut Coir Rope Manufacturers

coconut coir rope manufacturers

Coconut coir rope manufacturers – Indonesia is known worldwide for the production of brown coconut fiber. In its raw form, brown fiber is widely used in various industries both locally and internationally. It is preferred for its physical properties such as length, resistance to decomposition, hygroscopic properties, color and texture, and mechanical properties such as elasticity, strength, torsional stiffness, and elongation.

Made from coconut bristles extracted from the coir fiber, coir rope is an all-natural product that has a breaking strength of up to 100 pounds depending on thickness. The coconut rope is mainly two and three layers with thickness from 3.5mm to 12mm depending on the application.

It is spun from coconut fibers both by hand and on spinning machines. The coconut rope is in high demand due to its attributes such as optimum quality and natural properties. It is classified according to the type of fiber used, nature of twist and diameter, etc., and is widely used in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Coconut ropes are made from coconut bristles. They are used to tie down animals, secure loads, and as a bedding strap.

Use of Coconut Coir Rope in Agriculture and Other Industries

Indonesia coconut coir rope manufacturers have a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications including the following.

Growing hops

Hops is a vine (Humulus lupulus). Coir rope is used to string hops and other vines for training, supporting them and allowing for better growth. The fact is that the use of coir ropes increases the yield of hops and requires relatively less work to grow and guide the hop plant because the plant itself grows along the rope with the help of its hairs.

The domestic and horticultural industry

Coir tape has multiple applications in the home and horticultural industries, including fencing, hanging flower pots, washing rope, plant tying, and many other related applications thanks to its unique features such as high tensile strength, flexibility, low cost, and biodegradable.

Oyster and sea syringe industry

Coconut rope Twine nets made in Indonesia serve this purpose well. Also, nets made of floss with 90% coconut coir removed are used to care for baby oysters. The number of baby oysters that can hang per centimeter of removed hair is significantly higher.

Carpet and rug industry

Coconut coir rope manufacturers, with their superior rolling resistance properties and ability to withstand high wear that enhances its durability, are the perfect material for floor-to-wall floor coverings. The use of coir ropes for woven and tufted carpets provides a better brushing effect. Its ability to wick away moisture and the ability to add custom colors and flexibility to mix with other natural and synthetic materials give it a unique edge in quality and comfort.

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